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Our Process

This flowchart visually lays out the way physical therapy works at our clinic and what you can expect as our client.

Where Traditional PT Stops

Phase 5


Consistency & progression of exercises

Return to desired activity

Restore your confidence

Reassess goals

Enjoy the "little things" again


Phase 6

Maintain high quality of life

Keep body in tip-top shape and away from injury

Phase 1

Understand Your


About you

About us

Hear your story

Determine right fit

Identify root cause

Establish Goals

Create actionable solutions

Phase 2



Phase 3

Pain Relief

Calm any swelling & imflammation 

Move stiff joints

Release muscle tension

Break up scar tissue


Phase 4

Regain motion you've lost

Fix postural issues

Activate under-working muscles

Strengthen surrounding joints

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